About Us


Bagrat and Vaagn Sarkissian brothers are in media and broadcasting business for over 30 years.

From 1993 to 2001, Bagrat served as president and Vaagn as CEO, and together they built the National Television Network Armenia TV, which became the higest rated number one television channel in Armenia. Shortly after, they established 3 additional television networks: EVTV, ARMNEWS, and TV5. They partnered with CNN to be broadcasted in Armenia. In addition, Euronews and MTV channels both became part of the Sargsyan’s media broadcasting system in Armenia.

In 2003 the brothers created Super System, the first pay TV wireless platform in Armenia. They also acquired radio frequencies to lanch radio 107FM and formed the largest publishing house in the country.

In 2006 they founded Armenia Film Studios movie production company.

In 2008 Bagrat moved to California. The brothers founded USATV company and purchased a professional production building located at 229 N Central Ave in Glendale CA, as well as the broadcast station KIIO channel 10 in Los Angeles.

In 2011 Sargsyans sold their assets in Armenia and permanently moved to USA.

Bagrat and Vaagn launched USArmenia TV, the largest Armenian television network in the U.S, which is being broadcasted on all major cable, bradcast and IPTV platforms.

Currently, USATV operates USArmenia TV network, Armusic channel, FM radio station in Los Angeles, USATV productions, and Armflix content distribution platform.

USATV production has financed and produced over 30 television series and shows, in various genres, such as reality shows, feature films, and crime dramas, among which are NOVA VITA ,a 10 episodes show sold to Amazon, second chances 30 episodes show distributed by Fift Season, In addition, Bagrat and Vaagn have served as executive producers of the film American Skin.

Curently USATV productions is working on 3 large scale television shows (Mirrage Stories of Palm Springs, Nova Vita season 2, and Nika Systema, and 2 feature films (Unwilling Participant and Transfiguration)