Nova Vita


  • Nova Vita is a ten (10) episode action/drama series shot completely in Los Angeles.
  • Episode length is 45-50 minutes. - All ten (10) episodes have been completely shot and ready.
  • Dean Norris, Michel Gil, Titus Welliver, Robert Knepper, Reed Birney, Stephen Baldwin, Raymond Cruz and a stellar and well rounded cast make this a stand out series.
  • Think Billions meets Face Off!


Mark Davis and Carter Hayes are friends and business partners. Together they have built an empire and made a fortune in the crypto currency trade. Mark’s life was complete when he met the love of his life, Jessica. The only thing missing from Mark and Jessica’s life is a child. Unfortunately, despite numerous efforts, they have been having trouble conceiving. To add to the stress, a sudden investigation by the SEC has turned Mark’s life upside down. Looking at 20 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and the SEC threatening to involve his wife, Mark has hit rock bottom. That’s when Carter comes up with a solution. There is an organization that helps wealthy individuals disappear. Nova Vita, new life. They change your face, wipe your memories and provide you with a fresh start. Unfortunately, you have to give up a fortune and everyone you once knew. Mark begrudgingly agrees to flee with Carter to Nova Vita. Not wanting to cut all ties Mark secretly leaves breadcrumbs for his new self to follow. Now living as Dave Harper, with no memories of his past, Mark must follow these clues to discover who he was. He soon discovers that his friend Carter never followed through with the plan. Instead Carter orchestrated everything in order to remove his former partner and take over his life. Now Mark must face off with his former friend and the sinister Nova Vita organization if he ever wants his old life back. Nova Vita, new life or hell.