Anchored from the new super-contemporary 4k-equipped USATV studio on Ventura Boulevard, five times a day, the latest news from the United States and the world. The studio and roving news teams alike are equipped with 4k Ultra HD equipment. Live hookups from the cities and towns of Southern California give USATV viewers the most local news. A staff of over 25 reporters presents local news as well as USATV’s own world news reporting. USATV news bureaus operate in Paris, Jerusalem, Moscow, and New York; with coverage of the Middle East from a bureau in Yerevan. USATV has purchased 1,500 HD cameras to distribute to its mobile reporters. The cameras are connected to the USATV News Hub, and all those who are selected as mobile reporters will be able to send their reports in to the USATV News Service. The news is the face of USATV.

School Wars is a show where knowledge and intellect go to war. The sides are not individuals, but schools. Which are America’s best schools, able to bring forth the strongest teams, ready for the ultimate battle?